“Active or sedentary, life is an athletic sport. Keeping you in the game is our business.”
Craig Abrams, DC


Dr. Abrams is a holistic chiropractor who focuses on the entire body, not just the back.  Using multiple approaches to treatment, he ensures that every patient receives individualized, optimal care.  Dr. Abrams believes that whether you are active or sedentary, life is an athletic sport.

As a chiropractic physician who focuses on functional movement and rehabilitation, Dr. Abrams employs multiple facets of treatment to ensure optimal care.  Using a unique approach, he starts with the least invasive treatment, and then pursues more aggressive care, if and when necessary.  This “evidence-based” approach follows the highest medical standards.  Dr. Abrams remains current on all evolving research and treatment options.

Dr. Abrams has a vested interest in both athletes and weekend warriors.  As an avid cyclist, he has spent a lifetime participating and working in endurance sports. He is able to assess and evaluate a patient’s condition and prescribe treatment(s) that will correct the functional flaws in training regiments, improving overall performance and reducing potential for injury and re-injury.

Whether you do triathlons prefer a sedentary approach to living, or are somewhere in between, Dr. Abrams has a prescription to fit your lifestyle.

Meet The Doctor

A board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine (DC), Craig Abrams specializes in the restoration and enhancement of human movement. He received his medical degree at the National University of Health Sciences, in Lombard IL and his undergraduate studies in History and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

During his time at NUHS Dr. Abrams co-founded the Rehab 2 Performance Club, helping his peers integrate the principles of athletic performance and rehabilitation into the most current principles of chiropractic care.

As a competitive cyclist, and avid outdoor enthusiast Dr. Abrams understands the importance of living an active life. Unfortunately, too often our zeal for sport and competition leads to injury and they are forced to the sidelines. Keeping people in the game is Dr. Abrams’ business. But even non-athletic people sometimes need therapy and rehabilitation, and Dr. Abrams is equally adept at working with both sedentary and active people.

By applying the principles of sports science Dr. Abrams empowers, educates and rehabilitates. Every individual has unique concerns and goals. Dr. Abrams’ tailor-made programs are designed to address each person’s concerns, while establishing goals that will put patients on a path to recovery. 



Dr. Abrams uses principles from chiropractic medicine, orthopedics, strength & conditioning, yoga, and Pilates to create a movement-based prescription that will address each patient’s specific goals, objectives and fears.

“My goal is to address each patient’s concerns as a unique set of solvable issues that requires a personalized prescription.  So much of modern medicine is about fitting symptoms into an algorithm to provide standard solutions to pain.  I strive to get patients healthy and back in action as quick as possible, while also helping them avoid re-injury. ” – Craig Abrams, DC

What to expect 

Dr. Abrams’ first session with new clients focuses on looking at a patient’s overall health – the back, the brain, the skeletal system and diet. Depending on the complaint, his assessment will include orthopedic, neurological, functional, nutritional and even radiological or laboratory components.

After the first session, Dr. Abrams provides exercises and lifestyle adjustments to get patients on the road to recovery, and schedules follow up appointments accordingly.  But Dr. Abrams does not wait until the patient returns to assess their progress; he stays in touch with patients via email and phone calls to make sure they are improving.

Dr. Abrams maintains close relationships with multiple ancillary healthcare professionals.  He refers patients out to specialists for issues that he is unable to treat himself.



Tools and Techniques

Chiropractic adjustments

Soft Tissue Mobilization with movement

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Nutritional Counseling

Contact Info

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Los Angeles, CA 90034


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